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The architecture and construction industries have never been healthier as represented by the biennial event, MADE EXPO. The exhibition stages for four days with the involvement of the leading manufacturers, architects, designers and building contractors. Forego finding a hotel room on your own and trust GETA ltd with the details of your business trip. It’s easy and efficient.

GETA ltd understands what a travelling professional needs in terms of accommodation – rates that fit your budget, a location that is close to the exhibition centre and a decent access to the local transport system for an effortless commute. This frees up your time to pay attention to the dynamic program of MADE EXPO, including the four distinct with four special-interest exhibitions encompassing everything from materials and interior to windows and the latest technology and software. You have the perfect chance to set up B2B meetings and make a mark on the global stage.

Build a better future for your company at MADE EXPO and book your hotel room via GETA ltd – your trusted assistant.

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