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matka serves as a crucial meeting place for travel agencies and tour operators to talk about current trends in tourism, sign contracts and plan for the next year’s travel seasons. The international trade fair for the Nordic region finds a host in Helsinki, Finland and brings in the most celebrated exhibitors from the region and the world. Thousands are projected to travel for the four-day program. Book a hotel for matka right now from GETA ltd.

Hotel accommodation is the foundation for a successful business trip, but getting it right all on your own can be taxing and time-consuming. Leave the price comparison and research in the competent hands of GETA ltd. In just a day, we’ll deliver a hotel offer that costs you less and positions you close to the event with links to public transport. This way you have better chances to impress at matka. The trade fair balances business opportunities with the chance to expand your professional knowledge with several seminars, which have invited the top experts in the industry to give talks.

Your visit to matka will be a sure success thanks to GETA ltd.

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