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What are the current technological advancements, breakthrough solutions and challenges that the energy and power generation industries face? Middle East Electricity has the answers in Dubai, UAE. The international trade fair is being staged for three days. With close to 1500 exhibitors and well over 57,000 attendees, the event will complicate making online hotel reservations. But you can easily find a suitable deal at GETA ltd. Skip the hours researching hotels in Dubai and distances between hotels and the exhibition grounds.

GETA ltd has mastered the recipe of successful business trips and presents you with bespoke hotel offers in a single work day. The most you do is send us your budget and how close you want to be to the Middle East Electricity grounds. This allows you to focus on your strategy for the event. Do you seek networking opportunities? Do you wish to educate yourself on the emerging trends in the sectors and changes in legislation? All can be found at this exhibition!

Book a hotel for Middle East Electricity through GETA ltd and ensure you have a smooth business trip.

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