MIDORA Leipzig

Germany, Leipzig
1 year
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Come to MIDORA Leipzig for the richest assortment of jewellery and watches in the whole of Germany in Leipzig. For three days, you can witness the finest watches and expensive precious stones in breathtaking arrangements. The event is not only a market for buying and selling, but an excellent place to learn about the newest trends and basics of the two industries. If you plan on heavy involvement you need a hotel reservation near the expo centre and GETA ltd can provide you with the right offer in no time.

At MIDORA Leipzig, you have the chance to buy and sell, but also discover some of the up-and-coming designers as well as supply yourself with goldsmith supplies and exchange stories with industry veterans. It matters greatly where your hotel accommodation is located to maximize your networking. GETA ltd can turn your business trip into a smash hit with the hand-selected offers near the exposition centre or in quiet areas that have direct access to the transport system in the city. Enter a world of style and class at MIDORA Leipzig.

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