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Event Update

Ship enthusiasts can rejoice, as no delays are expected for the 2024 edition of ONS. The shipbuilding exhibition is expected to unfurl its sails from the 26th of August to the 29th of August at the Stavanger Forum in Stavanger, Norway. Currently, Norway does not have international travel or domestic restrictions pertaining to the pandemic. 

A Brief Overview of ONS

When it comes to the most important trends and innovations in the international oil & gas industry, ONS is the international trade show preferred by offshore companies and energy giants. Taking place in Stavanger, Norway, this trade show sees an impressive flux of trade visitors from the high echelons of the corporate circles and is one of the best procurement platforms in the world. One you should incorporate in your business travel schedule.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Simply put, ONS is good for business. It’s the place to make valuable connections with buyers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to and have the best chances to penetrate new markets. You are operating at the highest possible level and the numbers confirm this. We bring you some of the key metrics from the last edition prior to the pandemic:

  • 1100+ international exhibitors from 37 countries showcased at the event;
  • 68,000+ international trade visitors from 98 countries made the trip;
  • 785 meetings booked through the ONS matchmaking function;
  • 4 000 participated at the ONS Young arena.

When ONS returned in 2020 as a digital-only event, it still pulled in a sizeable crowd. Over 48,000 people logged in to experience a technical programme unlike any other! 

Industry Relevance

ONS has had a long journey to this day as the first ever trade show ran back in 1974 just as oil and gas were discovered in the North Sea as a way to support the newly born industry. Over the course of four decades, this biennial show has evolved into a leading meeting place for international suppliers, operating companies and decision makers. Trade visitors have access to a cutting-edge assortment of solutions and innovations for the entire value chain. 

Exhibitors showcase plants and machinery for the gas and oil industries, exploration technology, offshore technology, ship building, ship’s equipment, storage facilities and storage equipment. Let’s not forget about the highly influential support program with the ONS Conference as its crown jewel. In recent years, the conversations about sustainability and energy transition push the whole industry to change for the better and ONS stands at the heart of this transitiory process. 

Every ONS feels fresh, new and focused thanks to its entire programme circling a unifying theme. 

Who Are You Going to Meet?

ONS appeals to the biggest players in the sector. This is the place where stakeholders come to meet and talk over market trends, technological innovations and future plans. From politicians to global decision makers, everyone comes to Stavanger Forum. All the oil and gas giants are here every single edition from Lotos, ExxonMobile and Petoro to OMV, Shell, Neptune Energy and BP. You can’t argue with this kind of excellence. 

We also have to take a further look into the program to understand the type of trade visitor that’s going to attend ONS in the first place. There is no denying the trade show caters to business. The ONS International Markets event is focused on overseas markets and is the engine for 350 business meetings. On the other end of the spectrum, there is the ONS Young arena, which courts young graduates and professionals that are making their first steps in the industry.

Additional Value of Attending 

ONS regularly reinvents itself and experiments with its programming. Net Zero Markets is a new addition to the exhibition, which actively supports the work done by low-carbon and renewable energy companies and organisations. The area shows ONS’ commitment to sustainable practices and highlights cutting-edge technologies across five different topics – solar energy, offshore wind, hydrogen, batteries and energy storage, and carbon capture and storage. Net Zero Markets helps exhibitors find the right kind of audience. 

The highlight of the whole event has to be the ONS Conference. Only the best speakers make it to the stage. We’re not just talking about technical specialists and analysts, but managers of the best and biggest companies in the world and ministers. The programme features plenary and parallel sessions that circle around the race to net zero and the current political landscape.

The ONS Foundation does a lot of work to raise the next generation that’s taking over the reins by inviting students excited to transition into the labour market. ONS Young is a way for students to learn about new opportunities and gain access to all the knowledge being shared at the Centre Court, Technical Sessions, Net Zero Markets, and Scale-up arena.

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How to get to ONS

On Foot

On Foot

from Stavanger hpl. 19 it is a 35 min walk


By Car

from Stavanger hpl. 19 is a 7 min car drive (2.8km)

from Stavanger Airport = 15 min (13.2km)


By Public Transport

from Stavanger hpl. 19 take bus 2 or 3 for 15 min (7 stops)

from Stavanger Airport walk to Helikopter Service and take bus 42 to Prestaskjersveien (25 stops) where you need to switch to bus nr 2 for 15 stops (13 min) to Tjensvollkrysse and in an about 5 min walk you will reach your destination