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Industrial optics and precisions mechanics are industries ripe with potential and OPTATEC capitalizes on this potential with a keen focus on innovations and technological solutions to pressing challenges. Frankfurt, Germany, hosts this year’s international trade fair and so far organizers expect close to 600 exhibitors to present their best components, laser technology and equipment to a large crowd. Find your hotel accommodation at the best rates with GETA ltd in charge of your travel accommodations. Save yourself countless hours and a lot of energy looking for OPTATEC hotels when you can be planning your attendance.

GETA ltd works hard to ensure you stay in a modern room in the perfect location that saves time on commuting and cuts down on your overall expenses. This way you’ll have the best conditions to make a name for yourself at the event whether you’re arriving at OPTATEC to research your competitors, meet clients face to face or attend the many product launches for optomechanics, optoelectronics, fibre-optics and fibre-optic cables. Achieve all this at OPTATEC, while getting all the rest you deserve in a comfortable room provided by none other than GETA ltd.

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