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Opti is where every well-known name in the optics and eyewear industry go to debut new products, discuss best practices and shape trends in glasses design. Held in Munich, Germany, the international trade show sees an ever increasing interest from experts from around the world. It’s best to start early on your hunt for Opti hotels and when it comes to accommodation for trade fairs, GETA ltd has no rival.

GETA ltd has been in this business for a long time and knows all the key ingredients to making all business trips a success – location, price and connections to public transport. We send you a bespoke list of hotel bookings for OPTI, which positions you where you want to be and saves you money on your travel expenses. You end up with resources put to better use at Opti, where you will see every product category represented from eye test equipment and plates to eyewear and laser vision correction technology.

GETA ltd helps you step into the spotlight at Opti with ease through strategic hotel accommodation.

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