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Pharmapack Europe 2023 will take place between 01.02.2023 and 02.02.2023. The trade show will occur in a live format at the Port de Versailles in Paris. The venue will be equipped with Covid-19 prevention recommendations. Such will include participants being asked to wear face masks during congestion situations. Before entering the country, attendees must present negative test results or proof of vaccination due to the travel restrictions.

Introduction to the Event

Nowhere else but at Pharmapack Europe do you receive the latest in innovations, practices and trends in the pharmaceuticals packaging sector. The international trade fair will return to Paris, France at the beginning of February to an audience of a little over 5000 professionals. Organizers expect roughly 400 exhibitors to showcase their best in materials, designs, labelling and packaging technology. You don’t want to miss this fair and you don’t want to miss the early bird deals on accommodation. GETA ltd will help you find a room in no time.

Business trips are a valuable means to expand your business reach, but can be resource heavy and inefficient to organize. GETA ltd removes all that. We make it easy to find a hotel within your specific price range and provide options as soon as tomorrow. Your hotel booking for Pharmapack Europe is tailored to your individual needs, which will help you make a lasting impression during the official programming. Pharmapack Europe itself not only serves a meeting place to facilitate business and generate sales leads, but also educates. You can choose between the conference, the symposium, the learning lab or the variety of workshops available.

Past editions

Pharmapack Europe 2022

18.05.2022 - 19.05.2022

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