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The Latest COVID-19 Event News

Fashion professionals are already ramping up to attend Premiere Vision 2022. You will be happy to know the celebrated fashion event is returning to its regular slot in early February. The official dates have been set for the period July 5th – July 7th. If you cannot attend the live portion, you can attend the digital week. Going for a hybrid approach has allowed organisers to include everyone in the fashion industry, even those who cannot travel. The exhibition grounds at Paris Nord Villepinte will be thoroughly and regularly sanitised during your visit and mandatory masking is required. Visitors need to show their vaccination passports or get tested for COVID-19 on-site before entry. 

A Brief Overview of Premiere Vision 

Before any designer can even create their collections, they need to source out every material from yarns to prints to fabric. The best place to do it is Premiere Vision in Paris, France. Committed to ethical and sustainable fashion, Premiere Vision invests heavily into solutions and highlights the work of the pioneers in this new chapter in the fashion industry. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

The initial cost to have a booth at Premiere Vision is a small price to pay in comparison to what you can gain in sales leads and prestige. The trade fair’s main purpose is to facilitate purchases and the main advantage is the opportunity to break into new international markets. The numbers are more than fantastic: 

• 9 product areas 

• 1200+ international exhibitors 

• 50 countries 

• 5 continents 

• 40,000+ products 

• 60,000+ international trade visitors 

Industry Relevance

Based in Paris, France, Premiere Vision keeps its fingers on the pulse of fashion trends and creates the perfect conditions for exhibitors to meet, connect and win over buyers from all over the world. The biennial event is held in February and September and showcases the entire supply chain from fabrics, yarns and designs to leather, accessories, manufacturing and sustainability technologies. What’s special about this trade fair is that all suppliers have been screened by a team and only the best have been selected to represent the trade fair. It’s no surprise to learn then that Premiere Vision has extended to Turkey, the United States and China. Aside from sales, there’s added value in the Digital Talks series, Fanciful Flair, PV Awards and Hyères Festival.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The bulk of visitors are buyers, designers of ready-to-wear brands and accessories, luxury houses and fashion company executives. But then there are specialists for each product area. The Fashion Manufacturing area is particularly suited for production managers and buying heads for fashion, lingerie, sports and accessories brands. The Yarns and Fibers area is best suited for weavers and knitters of value-added textiles. It’s important to point out just how many visitors are travelling from abroad – 75% of all attendees. In terms of exhibitors, you have companies from all continents and countries like Morocco, Germany, India, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea, China, Argentina, the Netherlands, Brazil, Canada and Egypt. Examples of brands are Aditya Birla Yarn, Lucky Tex, MTLSTYLE, Davina Nathan Design and Kopenhagen Fur.

Past editions

Premiere Vision 2022

08.02.2022 - 10.02.2022

Premiere Vision


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How to get to Premiere Vision

On Foot

On Foot

it is not recommended to walk to the exhibition centre from the Orly Airport, nor from Gare du Nord


By Car

approximately 1h 15 min with a car from Orly Airport

from Gare du Nord 33 min (20.5km)


By Public Transport

from Orly Airport: get the airport train to Antony Station and from then RER B trainf for 18 stops to Gare du Parc des Expositions (+ 11extra minutes walk to the fairgrounds) ~ 1h 15min

from Gare du Nord take RER B  for 9 stops (25 min) to Gare du Parc des Expositions and then you have extra 10 min walk = total 35 min

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