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A Brief Overview of productronica

productronica looks deeper into the tech trends and innovations made across the field of electronics production from coils and semiconductors to photovoltaics and batteries. It’s a staple international fair trade held in Munich, Germany and always manages a high turnout among both exhibitors and trade visitors on an international level. It is the perfect cross-border procurement platform to explore and grow your brand’s relevance.

Making your hotel reservation for productronica is a simple process when GETA ltd does all the work. We’ve over a decade of experience delivering online hotel reservations for trade fairs over the world and Munich is one of our specialties. We operate with a comprehensive database of hotels in the city and derive the best value for your business travel. Tell us a budget and how many beds you need. We then select the properties that are closest to Messe München and have the best public transport connections.

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Business is good at productronica! There are no two ways about it. This trade fair scores high attendance with each subsequent edition and gives you access to regional markets. You will see the entire value chain represented in one place. The numbers only support this story:

  • • 1560+ international exhibitors showcased at the event;
  • 44,000+ international visitors made the trip;
  • 88,000+ square metres of exhibition space used.

Industry Relevance

productronica emerged as its own entity officially in 1975 as an offshoot of the bigger fair for electronics, ELECTRONICA. The moment was perfect as the first microprocessors came onto the scene and the industry surrounding electronics manufacturing only grew richer. Now, Messe München sees the rich ecosystem of manufacturers showcase their best innovations along the full processing chain every two years to an ever-growing audience. The main product clusters that are at the centre of productronica are PCB and circuit-carrier manufacturing; technologies in cable processing; component-mount technology; soldering technology, and quality assurance. But the product mix is far more varied with the inclusion of organic electronics, nano production and product finishing.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

The markets with the biggest representation in terms of trade visitors at productronica are mainly located in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland) with the USA and Turkey making it on the leader board as well. As far as the professional profile of trade visitors, you see a strong presence from industrial electronics, automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and PCB manufacturing among others. That gives you a diverse group of contacts and avenues to explore as you exhibit. Their chief reasons to attend? There’s a strong interest in forming new business relationships and to prepare themselves for investments.

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