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Germany, Essen
1 year
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Looking forward to planning your next vacation adventure? Make sure you do your research and visit Reise + Camping – the exhibition dedicated to the hottest trends, products and services in the travel industry. The event is being staged in Essen, Germany. Discover the best solutions for your family and business with over 1000 exhibitors from around the globe. If you’re among the hundreds of thousands set to visit, make sure you have sorted out your travel arrangements as early as possible with the help of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd makes sure you have the best hotel room, which saves you money on your travel expenses and also locates you close to the Reise + Camping exhibition grounds. These advantages make sure you have the resources, time and energy to fully explore the countless products and services covering every tourism niche from camping and holiday making to cycling. The exhibition has a number of professional networking opportunities that can elevate your business on a whole new level.

Focus on making others notice your company during Reise + Camping and leave all your travel arrangements to GETA ltd.

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