Messe Essen

Norbertstrabe 2, 45131 Essen, Germany, Essen, Germany
Founded in:
Total area:
110,000 m²
  • Rooms & halls:
  • Visitors per year:
    1.5 Million
  • Extended/Relocated:

    from 2016 to 2019 - reconstruction

About The Venue

As with many German cities, Essen is also known for its history organising a variety of trade fairs and this tradition goes back a full century. Essen Trade Fair (Messe Essen) dates back to 1913 – the year the first building was constructed and since then the exhibition grounds have only grown and made history. Right now on the list of large exhibition centres in Germany, Messe Essen sits on the ninth spot and it’s easy to see why. There are a total of 110,000 m² (roughly 1,100,000 sq. ft.) of exhibition space and 20,000 m² (roughly 215,000 sq. ft.) of open space, which are flexible to hold any type of event or installation. Messe Essen is known not just for hosting exhibitions and trade fairs, but concerts and show events for the citizens of Essen.

We also wish to emphasize that currently the exhibition centre is at its most modern. For three years from 2016 until recently in 2019, Messe Essen underwent a massive reconstruction, which say many changes made to the buildings and infrastructure of the grounds that resulted in 8 halls, a new reception area and Business Club. Let’s take a moment to look at statistics. In 2016, over 1.3 million visitors and 13,000 exhibitors were hosted by Messe Essen over the course of the full calendar year. The most notable events to call the exhibition grounds home are IPM ESSEN, E-World Energy & Water, security essen, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, Metpack, SHK Essen and Equitana.

How to get to Messe Essen
On foot

from HBF 35 min walking distance (2.6km)

from Essen/Mülheim Airport - 1h10 min walk (5.3km)

By Car

from HBF - 6 min ride (2.8km)

from Essen/Mülheim Airport - 8-10 min drive (6.5km)

By public transport

From HBF it is only 6 min ride with U11

from Essen/Mülheim Airport - there is no direct transportation

(alternatively you can walk ~30 min to Essen Abzweig Flughafen Stop and take Bus 142 for 9 stops, which will take you ~45 min total)

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