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Retromobile offers car enthusiasts a spectacular event dedicated to the vintage cars that make hearts melt. The stylish exhibition takes place in Paris, France, for the duration of five days with model vendors, auction houses and car art galleries gathering to celebrate the timeless aesthetic of the vintage car. More than 400 exhibitors take the stage with over 500 cars on display to thousands of fans, so make sure you have a front row hotel accommodation with GETA ltd by your side.

GETA ltd understands what every professional on the road needs and provides you with many options, which are cost effective and close to the exhibition grounds to make your attendance all the more pleasurable and memorable. Retromobile showcases a wealth of cars, the next more stunning than the last, and keeps the adrenaline high with vicious action houses and product exhibitions. You have the perfect opportunity to meet collectors, restores and a lively crowd of automobile clubs.

Make sure your attendance to Retromobile is a highlight in your year and book a hotel through GETA ltd.

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