France, Angers
2 years
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SEPEM INDUSTRIES CENTRE-OUEST functions as a meeting place for experts and professionals in the manufacturing industry, who operate plants, to exchange expertise as well as showcase practical solutions across every category. The international trade fair opens doors to thousands in Angers, France and activities continue to great excitement. Attendance rates are on the rise, so you better organize your stay as soon as possible. Book a hotel for SEPEM INDUSTRIES CENTRE-OUEST without wasting days doing all the research. Just leave this task to GETA ltd.

GETA ltd specializes in organizing business trips no matter where your destination is. You’re in good hands as we have large databases with establishment in every major city and cater to companies of all sizes. Specify a budget and location – we do the rest and the next day you’ll find yourself with an offer. With that out of the way, you can focus on SEPEM INDUSTRIES CENTRE-OUEST, which can be a valuable resource in building your reputation, not to mention inform you about technical achievements and advancements. The fair’s reach is very impressive tackling productivity, maintenance, logistics, environment and safety whether your plant is a pump, a process or a handling unit.

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