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The shoe industry meets up once again to showcase the latest design trends in shoes and put on display the best leather samples for international buyers at Simac Tanning Tech. The international exhibition takes place in the traditional home of fashion – Milan, Italy. Organizers expect an increase in numbers with more than 270 exhibitors claiming a booth the three days. Avoid the rush for online hotel reservations and organize your business trip as soon as today with GETA ltd.

GETA ltd specializes into business travel solutions for companies both small and large. Given our extensive network of contacts on the territory of Milan, we find you Simac Tanning Tech hotels within your specific price range. All you need to do is give us a price cap and specify all your requirements. In terms of location, offer locales close to the exhibition centre and always near public transport. Simac Tanning Tech can launch you into the international scene as it brings in big distributors and retailers in the footwear industry. Build a reputation, remain up to date with emerging trends and capitalize on them.

All this with the helpful assistance of GETA ltd.

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