SPS IPC Drives Italia

Italy, Parma
1 year
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SPS IPC Drives Italia brings the over 23,000 visitors interested in the industrial automation industry cutting-edge technological innovations across every automation category from robotics to manufacturing applications. The international exhibition is staged in Parma, Italy. Exhibitors are projected to exceed 600 with start-ups, research facilities and universities participating. For SPS IPC Drives Italia hotels turn to GETA ltd – your trusted advisor on the road.

Why spend all your time and energy on booking your hotel accommodation, especially when you’re this close to the exhibition dates? GETA ltd provides you a speedy service at great rates so it looks like you’ve been prepared since the dates for this year have been announced. You save on your travel expenses and get a room close to the action so you can pay close attention to the SPS IPC Drives Italia program, which not only brings you the latest in sensors, electromechanical components, peripheral devices, interfacing technology and systems integrators, but also supplies roundtables, conferences, seminars and themed workshops to hone skills and technical knowledge.

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