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STEELFAB is the trade show dedicated to the needs of the metalworking and metal manufacturing industry with heavy emphasis on the technological innovations and solutions that will increase efficiency. Organizers have confirmed that the number of exhibitors has passed 300 and they expect for over 9000 trade visitors to attend the event. Ensure you book your hotel early on through GETA ltd.

GETA ltd locates the best accommodation on the market that match your requirements. You check in a hotel room that is affordable and positions you close to the STEELFAB exhibition centre with additional access to public transport. This increased mobility makes sure you have more resources and time to devote to your business goals at STEELFAB. The market is growing and you stand to close in the biggest deals for the year, befriend the giants in the steel fabrication industry and make a mark for yourself. GETA ltd ensures your business trip to STEELFAB is a smooth success.

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