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Covid-19 Event Update

Taste of London 2022 will take place from June 15th to June 19th, 2022. The event will be held as a live festival with the newest Covid-19 preventative measures in place. Safety procedures, like the 3G entry regulation, will be part of the prevention plan. All attendees must show evidence of not being a Covid-19 transmitter. Vaccination passports, proof of recovery certificates, and negative test results can verify the absence of a Covis-19 infection.

A Brief Overview of Taste of London

Taste of London has become the beating heart of the culinary world and foodie culture in London. This is due to the event being a non-stop celebration of great food and a sensory ride for visitors, who are starving for the excitement of bold flavours. For restaurants and chefs, it’s the perfect opportunity to put their name out there and generate buzz among end consumers as well as the food press.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

As we’ve mentioned, Taste of London enjoys a high turnout – more than ideal conditions to reach a new audience, boost visibility for your dining establishment or profile as a chef, and generally generate some direct sales. There’s much to be gained from your participation, since there are:

  • 2 editions per year;
  • 50,000 visitors in June and 28,000 visitors in November;
  • 8 sessions of festival programming in June and 6 sessions in November;
  • 100,000 readers of the festival’s newsletter.

Industry Relevance

Taste of London was first conceived as an annual event, which took place only once a year at the Regent’s Park, but became so popular that organisers created a special winter edition with a festive theme in November held at East London’s Tobacco Dock. The festival has been going since 2004 and has risen to be the ultimate guide for food culture and dining spots in London. Even Michelin starred restaurants have a stand at the festival. Back in 2011, there was a special edition of Taste of London called the Big Feastival that combined food with live musical performances. Visitors are treated to menu samples from a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, and there are even small markets for produce and artisanal products.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Taste of London opens its doors to everybody and therein lies its success since it’s meant for the general public. Families with children, foodies, amateur chefs, urban farmers, food critics and all sorts of dining establishments all enmesh in a lively atmosphere and are there to have a good time. One of the best features are the live chef demonstrations and this is where the star-studded list begins with names such as Chris Bassett, David Carter and Douglas Santi. What about the biggest draw of all – the restaurants. Visitors will be excited to sample the masterpieces form places such as Barboun, Master Wei, Smoking Goat, Farzi Café, XU, Hoppers and many more.

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Taste of London 2022

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Taste of London

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