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Event Update

TECMA 2024 will take place as a live trade fair between the dates 18.06.2024 and 20.06.2024. The hosting location for the event will be the IFEMA - Feria de Madrid. 

A Brief Overview of TECMA 

TECMA serves as the definitive international urban planning and environmental fair in Spain. It is a meeting point for professionals working in recycling, rubbish removal and environmental management to see the latest technologies. Held in Madrid, Spain, the international trade fair dives into how new technologies and processes can be applied towards a more sustainable management of urban areas and cities. As an event, it attracts thousands of professionals based on a packed program – a truly unmissable fair that should be on your radar! 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

TECMA is where business happens. Plain and simple. Its scale ensures that you get to meet with anyone within the industry with ease because this trade fair is the very definition of massive. Just take a look at the attendance records from the last edition: 

  • 10,900+ trade visitors as part of FSM
  • 111 direct exhibitors
  • 96 represented companies
  • 55 visitor countries
  • 27 Exhibitor countries 

Industry Relevance 

TECMA, the International Urban Planning and Environment Fair, plays a vital role in providing a platform for professionals in the field to gain valuable insights into the market and discover the latest trends and innovations. A greener future is the mission and TECMA offers concrete solutions to the pressing issues faced by urban environments. Thousands travel to IFEMA Madrid to discuss advancements made in urban waste management, recycling and city planning every two years. The trade fair is part of the larger FSMS framework and shares space with Foro de las Ciudades, srr and esClean. 

The fair gathers leading manufacturers, showcasing their products, equipment, and technologies related to municipal and environmental management. Buyers have a chance to explore the entire value chain of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the ecological management of cities: 

  • rubbish containers and urban waste solutions
  • sewage treatment plants
  • waste classification tools
  • high-pressure washers
  • street furniture
  • steam cleaning machines
  • industrial cleaning products and disinfectants
  • biodegradable materials
  • professional and work clothes. 

Attending TECMA offers several advantages when it comes to professional networking. TECMA offers a relaxed and congenial environment for conducting business meetings while enjoying the lively atmosphere. It’s an unbeatable platform to strengthen relationships with current suppliers and establish connections with new ones. Plus, attendees manage to get a 360-degree overview of the market, stay updated on the latest trends and innovations, and engage in meetings with industry experts to discuss relevant topics related to their business. 

Being part of TECMA also means being part of an event that attracts media attention, providing a significant opportunity for visibility. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

In short, you’re going to meet everyone who works in urban planning. TECMA brings together a large variety of professionals from related fields that guarantee exhibitors opportunities to expand their reach and diversify revenue streams. The biggest group of visitors are representatives of central, regional and local administrations, but they don’t exhaust the list. You’ll connect with consulting companies, laboratories and research centres, large, small and medium-sized industries and sports and leisure facilities. 

They come, because TECMA and the rest of FSMS are the main platform for important exhibitors to showcase their products. One of the most important participants is the AFAMOUR association, which manufactures street furniture and children's playgrounds at a national level and has its own showroom with a selection of innovative and sustainable products. The showroom highlighted the work done by: 

  • the Association of Green Infrastructure Management Companies, ASEJA;
  • the Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens, AEPJP;
  • the Technical Association for Waste Management and the Environment, ATEGRUS 

Additional Value of Attending 

The MADRID CITIES FORUM is one of the big-ticket items at TECMA, which for 21% of trade visitors is the single reason for attending the trade fair. The Forum emerges as a significant space for addressing the challenges of urban planning and enhancing the habitability of cities. Speakers shed light on the pressing issues faced by municipalities and delved into a range of important topics that are integral to urban development. 

Key areas of focus included the 2030 Agenda, urban diversity, clean and innovative mobility, participation and proximity, human well-being and health, climate change and resilience, housing and rehabilitation, culture and urban tourism, public space and regeneration, and urban networks. By exploring these subjects, the MADRID CITIES FORUM aimed to foster innovative solutions and strategies for creating more sustainable, livable, and resilient cities. 

The MADRID CITIES FORUM packed a solid programme in 2022 that saw 260 speakers and had over 70 cities from Spain, Portugal, and Latin America be part of the conversation. Attendees had a choice between four discussion sessions, which included more than 50 round table discussions, addressing 24 urban issues. These discussions were organised under four main areas of debate: urban planning, renaturalisation, cities to live in, and circular economy. 

The forum is also where the inaugural Tree Award ceremony takes place, honouring a city for their work in the field of Urban Nature and the innovative management of green spaces. In 2022, the winner was the city of Salamanca. 

Another well-received part of TECMA was the return of Tecma Verde, which is a small exhibition dedicated to good urban practices. Tecma Verde features twenty projects focused on improving urban spaces in areas such as renaturalisation, urban planning and the Circular Economy. And you definitely don’t want to miss the Circular Economy Working Group, which runs three sessions by twenty organisations on circular economy.

Past editions

TECMA 2022

14.06.2022 - 16.06.2022




Cancelled because of COVID-19

How to get to TECMA

On Foot

On Foot

nor from Madrid - Atocha Cercanias, nor from the airport there is a short way to reach the expo centre


By Car

from Madrid - Atocha Cercanias is a 14 min drive (16.2 km)

from Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport is only 6 min drive (6.4km)




By Public Transport

from Madrid - Atocha Cercanias take bus C3 for 3 stops to Nuevos Ministerios then switch to bus nr 8 for another 4 stops to Feria de Madrid. This journey will take you around half an hour.

from Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport you can take bus 828 for only one stop wich will take you 8 min in total