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If you’re involved in the cleaning and maintenance industry, THE CLEANING SHOW is your ticket to professional improvement and self-promotion to a broader audience. Held in UK, this international exhibition attracts companies big and small who’ve dedicated themselves to cleaning and cleanliness. Thousands are projected to attend the three-day event. Don’t have any idea where to stay? GETA ltd makes it easy to go on business trips as we plan your travel arrangements to the very last detail. Rather than spend weeks going through all the possible hotels in London, leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals.

GETA ltd has had years to improve our service and we can match you with a hotel booking for THE CLEANING SHOW in a single day. Going off price ranges and preferences in location, our operators create a custom list with dream offers. The service is a good investment for THE CLEANING SHOW where you have a rich array of products displayed: biological products, carpet cleaning machines, enzyme cleaners, broom and brush models, dispensing equipment and cleaning cloths to name a few. If your skills are in need of refreshing, sign up for the numerous workshops.

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