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Update for the Event

MICAM Milano will return to Fiera Milano Rho between 15.09.2024 and 17.09.2024. It will be hosted as a live trade show. 

A Brief Overview of MICAM 

Show your footwear collections alongside the top brands in the world at MICAM. It’s the premier trade fair servicing the show and footwear industry and the chief meeting point for the community in Europe. It’s here that top designers and brands determine the year’s leading trends, facilitate the biggest deals, and allow you to network with industry leaders. Milan is already a fashion capital and a natural choice to host MICAM. A booth here will certainly help raise your profile. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Fashion is a competitive, fast-paced industry. The footwear sector is no exception and MICAM is an effective platform to get noticed, generate buzz and create future opportunities. Everyone that comes expects only the latest trends and designs, so new collections find their home across the sea easily. Enjoy attention from the very top in terms of buyers. Here is what you can expect from the trade fair: 

  • 735 international exhibitors from 30+ countries;
  • 22,000+ international trade visitors made the trip;
  • 62,000 square metres of exhibition space used;
  • 2000+ collections showcased;
  • 6 pavilions 

Industry Relevance 

MICAM has been a household name among fashion professionals since 1969 and has grown not only to take the crown as the largest event in its category for Italy, but the world as well. What visitors can expect is access to the most visionary, fresh-from-the-production-line collections that are presented twice a year. Editions take place during February (covering the fall/winter fashions) and September (covering spring/summer) so that you have ample time to preview your products to interested buyers in advance of putting them in circulation. What helps the show retain its strong relevance is the inclusive product assortment that not only covers shoes for children, women and men, but also leather bags, leather clothing and leather accessories. Overall products are displayed in these areas – Luxury, Contemporary, Everyday, Urban, Kids, Active, Street, Cosmopolitan, Accessories for shops, and the International Designers Area. The Emerging Designers area covers next generation creations from up-and-comers. All this available at Rho Fiera Milano! 

The trade fair occupies a special, key place in the world of fashion as you can see in the September 2022 edition, which was organised in concert with six other fashion shows. The initiative was called #finallytogether and meant as a full-fledged restart of the fashion industry in Italy. Together with DaTE, Mipel, TheOneMilano, Lineapelle, HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition and Simac Tanning Tech, MICAM reinvigorated not just buyers but designers and manufacturers, who have been wanting to come together again in full force. The synergy paid off as 3240 brands in total had a moment in the spotlight. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

MICAM is still an Italian affair through and through as most exhibitors are Italian in nationality compared to the international companies in its roster. The picture looks decisively different when we look towards the trade visitors, where annually foreign nationals outnumber Italian industry insiders. 

Visitors are usually in high-powered positions with decision-making powers for their companies alongside any other businessmen that operate the processing chain and related industries, who wish to remain up to date with the latest market trends locally in Italy and the entire world. Exhibitors are also diverse in what they do and offer with trop brands involved in luxury, contemporary, active and cosmopolitan styles of footwear. 

The quality of exhibitors is undeniable as you experience new offerings from Calzaturifico 4C di Cavarzan Lewis, AbiCalçados, Accatino, Laceys London, Lady Shoes di Giasi Elena, Mario Valentino, Maritan SPA, Minna Parikka and Miss Jara Savio. 

Additional Value of Attendance 

Catch a glimpse of the future beyond the upcoming seasonal themes by diverting your attention to the Emerging Designers area. This space is dedicated to 12 young designers, who are pushing the boundaries of footwear and presenting new equipment, new techniques and new perspectives. To be included in the area, you need to be approved by a dedicated jury working in fashion in various roles – stylists, fashion advisors, art directors, fashion photographers and company presidents. 

In September 2022, the Emerging Designers area featured Scylia Chevaux (with her 10.2 brand), Mario Pini (with the AHDIID brand), Sergio Silva (with the EHONTE brand), Felipe Fiallo (with the FELIPE FIALLO brand), Dong Seon Lee and Giuliana Borzillo (with the ID-EIGHT brand), Salone Monet (with the SALONE MONET brand), Juan Giménez (with the SELVA brand), Akudo Iheakanwa (with the SHEKUDO brand), Elodie Verdan (with the SHOE SHOE brand), Sophie Pantet (with her SOPHIE BENEL PARIS brand), Manuela Esposito (with her SUCETTE brand) and Victoria André (with her VANDRELAAR brand). 

In 2020, MICAM introduced an innovation Hub called MICAM X. The idea to share information and exchange knowledge across the entire value chain. The event consists of seminars, workshops, and innovative high-tech proposals, which aim to inform dealers in the fashion industry on what’s new, style directions, viable new materials, sustainability and the future of retail. Organisers put in a lot of work to invite top speakers working in the fashion industry today, and cover as many relevant topics as possible. As an exhibitor, MICAM X provides invaluable resources to steer your business in the right direction. 

With its unique, topical calendar of events, MICAM X is a debate about the unknowns of the future, looking for new ways of interpreting the revolutionary new developments that are changing the rules of the game.

Past editions

the MICAM 2024

18.02.2024 - 21.02.2024




+/- 33

Exhibitor countries

40 800+



of visitors were from abroad


Exhibitor brands


Exhibitor countries


of exhibitors were from abroad

42 000+


1 800


48 276



increase in participation compared to last edition



How to get to the MICAM

On Foot

On Foot

from Milan Central Station - too far away

from Malpensa Airport - too far away


By Car

from Milan Central Station - 38 min car ride (17.4km)

from Malpensa Airport 39 min ride


By Public Transport

from Milano Centrale Railway Station take an RV train (2024 Torino Porta Nuova) fro 9 min to Rho Fiera Milano Station and then walk another 12 min

from Malpensa Airport there is no suitable transportation