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Event Update

TRUSTECH will return for its 37th edition at the end of November at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. The physical event is now scheduled for 03.12.2024 to 05.12.2024. 

A Brief Overview of TRUSTECH 

TRUSTECH dives deep into the world of cutting-edge advancements and services within banking, finance and security. The international fair trade has a strong focus on payment technologies and is one of the leading platforms for innovation in its category. You can expect some serious decision makers from finance, business and even the government to come to Paris, France in anticipation of the new, emerging trends. Attendance guarantees access to regions and business opportunities in the cards and digital trust technologies industries. 

Accommodation for TRUSTECH is in high demand, especially hotels close to Porte de Versailles. GETA ltd has over ten years of experience booking hotels for exhibitors in Paris and know all the top hotel rates in the city. You get first-rate deals for your price range. Cut down expenses and get to the exhibition centre in minutes. The perfect conditions for a productive business trip. GETA ltd has an impressive portfolio of travel services to guarantee your comfort – booking plane tickets, organising airport transfers and building exhibition booths. Large groups are more than welcome. Our team is comfortable working with as many as 20 people. 

Why Your Visit Is Worth It?

No other trade fair operates on the level of TRUSTECH, which is of high importance for markets on all continents. The entire financial world gathers in one space, which only benefits exhibitors, who want to reach the maximum number of qualified leads. The fair is the single most important date in the industry. Your presence is a given. Grow your network and actively participate in the conversations of the day. The first edition since the pandemic started did incredibly well: 

  • 250 international exhibitors and sponsors;
  • 5000+international trade visitors;
  • 100 top international speakers talked at the conference;
  • 230 business meetings
  • 92 countries
  • 90 conferences 

Industry Relevance 

TRUSTECH first made its debut in Cannes, France as CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS in 1985 when the technology for smartcards started picking up steam. The trade fair has recorded the full history of telecommunications and information technology in regard to payment systems. In 2016, the trade fair was rebranded to its current name and format, and moved to Paris, where it is held at Porte de Versailles every year. 

The expanded product portfolio covers innovations across in enrollment, POS, AI, online and digital payments, and cybersecurity. They also feature novel application security, POS, authentication, tokenisation, sensors, and connectivity wares. They likewise include data protection, cards, secure identities and access control, biometrics, Internet of Things, wearables, test measurement, mobile security, and lifecycle management. 

We’re only scratching the surface. What’s more, TRUSTECH is home to a highly influential conference that’s at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. 

Your participation at the event is a must, if you want to stay in step with changing standards. The European privacy regulations continue to evolve and make it necessary to strengthen all client authentication procedures. This is all a part of how physical transactions evolve and the rise of e-commerce all over the world, opening new opportunities for data theft. Online commerce picked up speed during the pandemic as the only safe way to shop without exposing oneself to risk of infection. As a result, identification and authentication became of key importance pushing for new technological solutions to meet the new requirements. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

TRUSTECH maintains a diverse lineup of exhibitors, who span the entire value chain and lead in their respective market segments. Your booth sits among those of Zwipe, Printcolor, KIS Global, CTC advanced, AIP&P, ARATEK, Covestro, SICPA, IDEMIA, NI, Thales and Kinegram. Names that are instantly recognizable, and ensure that the trade fair pulls senior buyers. 

Trade visitors represent governments, citizen industry, public security, payment institutions, banks, enterprise security & connected objects, and retail. Delegates from all these fields occupy high positions – CEOs, directors, heads of departments, product and project managers. Over 80% of visitors are involved in the buying process in some capacity, and 69% of visitors come to the trade fair to realise an investment project. It’s good news for exhibitors, who look to boost their profile and close significant deals. 

Who are the companies that regularly attend TRUSTECH? You encounter senior leadership and staff from MASTERCARD, DISCOVER GLOBAL NETWORK, AMERICAN EXPRESS, INGENICO, SWIFT, GEMALTO, INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG and PAX. Their reasons to attend run from simply informing themselves about new products and services to looking for new suppliers. It’s exactly the kind of environment you want to find yourself in. TRUSTECH gives you a boost in brand recognition and sales leads from high-ranking representatives. 

At 49%, Europe makes up the biggest chunk of the audience with the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Sweden being at the forefront. France generated 20% of visitors overall. These numbers are then followed by Asia & Oceania (15%), Africa and the Middle East (10%) and North America (6%). This cements TRUSTECH as a true global event. 

Additional Value of Attendance 

The mix of exhibition and conference creates a dynamic atmosphere during TRUSTECH. You can download the fair’s mobile app to stay in touch with potential partners, and schedule meetings. The event has a lot of networking events already baked into its DNA, which makes it possible to get well acquainted with visitors and make valuable contacts. 

The conference invites only top-rated speakers at the height of their careers, who lead the charge of digital transformation. You learn from the best and stay informed on a wide range of topics. In 2021, the main topics for the conference concerned payments in the digital era, safe mobility and seamless travel in post-covid times, cybersecurity challenges in (un)trusted environments, and risk & fraud management. 

Past editions


28.11.2023 - 30.11.2023





increase in exhibitor attendance compared to 2022



6 500+



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6 500



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How to get to TRUSTECH

On Foot

On Foot

Charles de Gaulle Airport - not advisable

Gare du Nord -  not advisable



By Car

Charles de Gaulle Airport - 15 mins via Rue Louis Vicat

Gare du Nord - 35 mins via Rue de Vaugirard



By Public Transport

Charles de Gaulle Airport - not advisable

Gare du Nord - 50 mins via N13 bus