Tuning World Bodensee

Germany, Friedrichshafen
1 year
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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Tuning World Bodensee has been officially postponed by the organisers due to coronavirus.

Tuning World Bodensee showcases the most innovative automobiles, the latest in automotive parts and the hottest new trends. Given its longevity and popularity, this event is heavily attended with visitors in the thousands, which means hotel prices are going up. If you’re on the lookout for great new rates, GETA ltd is the place to find them.

Hand over your travel arrangements to GETA ltd and your business trip will run smoothly from the get-go. We take over the whole booking process and find you Tuning World Bodensee hotels at the right price in a single business day. What we need from you is your preference in location, number of travelers and a price range. Using your criteria, we present you a hand-picked list with the finest deals that match them perfectly. You save a lot of resources and gain a competitive edge during the program. You’ll need every bit of energy, because Tuning World Bodensee is planning a dynamic show unlike any other with a whole lot of products, entertainment and demonstrations.

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