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A Brief Overview of VENDIST 

VENDIST presents exhibitors and manufacturers in the vending machine industry with the space and environment to showcase their latest innovation across the entire value chain. Exhibitors are in position to build better connections with buyers, generate sales leads and create buzz. The trade fair covers everything from vending machine models all the way through to payment systems, telemetry and software solutions. Are you ready to penetrate the Eurasian market? There’s no easier entry point than VENDIST. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

VENDIST makes for the perfect platform to showcase your new releases. The trade show is very oriented towards product launches and procurement. The main reason trade visitors attend is to research new products and make purchases. The contacts you make here more than make up for any travel expenses. Editions are high earners and the numbers are more than terrific:

  • 187 exhibiting companies 
  • 19,000+ visitors from 38 countries

Industry Relevance 

VENDIST is a pioneering international fair for vending machines and self-service technologies, which is based at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 2020, VENDIST (previously known as VENDEX) has swiftly become a focal point for industry professionals, exhibitors and innovators thanks to its primary focus on cutting-edge vending machines and the quickly evolving world of self-service technologies.

VENDIST, a recurring event held every year, provides a dynamic platform for national and international exhibitors to showcase their latest offerings, emphasising vending machines characterised by diverse designs and unique capabilities. This trade fair brings together a number of stakeholders, who are eager to check out the comprehensive product output and take part in the exceptional programme. There are live demonstrations, product premieres, educational and hands-on workshops, and networking events. It's an event that propels the vending and self-service technology sector forward

At VENDIST, the spotlight is on a diverse range of vending machines, including those designed for food, beverages, snacks, and non-food products: 

  • Hot and cold beverage vending machines, Coffee-making machines
  • Snacks and appetisers vending machines
  • Amusement vending machines, jukeboxes, etc.
  • Information kiosks, content kiosks
  • Water and coolers
  • Other service machines 

But even more importantly, the trade fair encompasses vital ancillary components: 

  • Disposable tableware for vending machines
  • Snacks, drinks, other filling products
  • Software, processing and payment systems
  • Equipment for parking lots and bike rent
  • Bill and coin acceptors
  • Organisations, associations and magazines

VENDIST synergises its offerings by co-occurring with ATRAX, a renowned international trade fair for the attractions industry. Together, these events provide a comprehensive platform that caters to a broader spectrum of industries, offering opportunities for cross-pollination and innovation. In 2024, VENDIST will also run parallel to PREMO, expanding its reach and ensuring a maximised experience for attendees.

The vending machine landscape in major metropolitan areas in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable surge, both in terms of numbers and the diversity of products offered. This flourishing ecosystem of vending machines, prominently featured in subway stations, entertainment hubs, universities, healthcare institutions, and workplaces, has emerged as a new and lucrative investment avenue for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

VENDIST, in response to these market dynamics, has positioned itself as a dedicated procurement platform aimed at creating an environment ripe for new commercial ventures and building lasting bridges between manufacturers and buyers. As this sector continues to evolve, VENDIST remains at the forefront, continually addressing the sector's evolving needs and opportunities.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

What makes VENDIST a golden opportunity for exhibitors is the sheer diversity of the visitors that make the trip to Istanbul each January. You come face to face with decision makers from a variety of professional backgrounds, who either have full purchasing power or perform advisory roles. Here is a complete visitor profile: 

  • Vending Machine Operators
  • Sector Professionals, Manufacturers and Resellers
  • Enterprise Owners and Authorities (Hotels, Holiday Village, etc.)
  • Municipalities
  • Shopping Mall Center Managers
  • International Investment Firms, Representatives and Sector Professionals
  • Entertainment and Recreation Center Owners and Officials
  • Sports Center Manager
  • Building Cooperatives and Sites Managements
  • Plazas, Factories, Offices
  • Importers and Project Companies in The Target Countries,
  • Theme parks, Amusement Parks, Owners and Operators,
  • Universities, Schools, Kindergartens
  • Public Institutions and Organizations
  • Exporters and Importers

Given Türkiye’s strategic location close to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, it’s not a surprise to learn that VENDIST enjoys a wide-reaching popularity. The countries with most trade visitors are Ukraine, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Dubai, North Macedonia, Libya, Germany, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Greece.

On the exhibition floor, you’ll exhibit side by side with companies such as Banbas, Axess AG, the European Vending and Coffee Service Association,Emre Park Tasarim, Extreme Works, FOBS magazine, Invenda Group, Istanbul Akvaryum, Mgic Play and Saudi Entertainment Amusement.

The Outlook for 2024

The upcoming edition of VENDIST in 2024 is going to be a big moment in the fair’s history as it will be the first year that the trade fair debuts with its updated name and concept. Previously, the trade fair has been known as VENDEX for its first three editions. Another important piece of news concerns the exhibition space. VENDEX and ATRAX have grown immensely together and the 2024 edition will make its debut with two new halls added to the event’s layout. 

Past editions


11.01.2024 - 13.01.2024