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VINITECH SIFEL honors the wine making traditions in France with an event that gives stage to the best local and international wine makers. Held in Bordeaux, France, for three days, this trade fair places an emphasis on every aspect of the wine industry from viticultural techniques to bottling and packaging. This event sees more than 40,000 professionals attend, so make sure your business trip runs smoothly with GETA ltd to handle your accommodation. Tell us your working budget and preference in terms of location.

You get a hotel room that saves you money and time commuting, because it sits close to the expo centre and has access to reliable public transport. This ensures you have the best chances to network with experts in wine-growing during and after the day’s program. VINITECH SIFEL promises a variety of wines and spirits for you to taste as well as a side program with events that aim to educate you and foster professional relationships between attendees.

Enjoy many successes at VINITECH SIFEL with GETA ltd to handle your bookings.

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