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Where do you go to see the next biggest thing in fashion? France, of course. Who's Next opens in France and drives thousands of people to see the exclusive 2000 brands that showcase the hottest new trends in fashion, footwear and accessories. Set to attract over 170,000 visitors, Who's Next is a behemoth of an event fueled by clothing and designers. If you want to be present, then make sure you have selected your hotel.

GETA ltd helps you secure accommodation around the tradeshow to ensure you’re at the heart of all events, all within your budget. Whether you want to be as close as possible or in a Parisian area with good public transport depends entirely up to you. This isn’t just a trade fair, but a fashion show in its own right with products displayed in seven distinct performances for a completely unique experience. View the it-products before they even debut in top designer collections, attend cocktails and parties, or blog. Who's Next lets come close to the fashion gods.

And with GETA ltd, your accommodation is always on trend.

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