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Professionals in the wire industry will have to wait a while longer for the return of wire. The major international trade fair was cancelled following coronavirus travel bans in 2020 and is set to resume its regular scheduling in May 2022 alongside Tube. Messe Dusseldorf will work on strict preventive measures for the edition scheduled May 9th – May 13th.

A Brief Overview of wire

wire concerns itself with the challenges faced by the wire and cable industry, but also celebrates the successes and offers an in-depth view of the entire value chains with multiple presentations on the latest technological innovations on the market. The international exhibition lasts for a grand total of five days, which take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. This highly specialist event boasts a good turnout as a cross-border procurement platform and is an excellent avenue to seek new market reach.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Although an incredibly specialist event, wire still commands international power as a meeting point between supply and demand. If you’re looking to increase sales numbers, this is where you have to come. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the visitor numbers from last edition:

  • 1400+ international exhibitors from 50+ countries showcased at the event;
  • 42,000+ international trade visitors from 80+ countries made the trip;
  • 105,000+ square metres of exhibition space used.

Industry Relevance

wire emerged on the scene in 1986 and remains the go-to destination for exhibitors and suppliers of wires and cables. The exhibition takes place in Messe Düsseldorf with editions spaced out every two years, which are also held in conjunction with TUBE. This pairing only strengthens the brand and attracts the potential for cross sales. wire has been so successful that it has successfully been adapted in Russia, Thailand and China. What you can hope to see on display? Everything on the processing chain – cable materials, wire materials, auxiliary materials, control units, controllers, industrial tools, processing machines, manufacturing machines, measuring instruments, and end products. Accompanying the products exhibit is an excellent matchmaking service that facilitates the setting of business meetings.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Since wire is all about fostering business contacts, you want to know where you can extend your direct influence and we’re happy to say you can get deep into every major related industry. Apart from the obvious wire and cable industry circles, you get to meet with representatives with senior management positions and purchasing responsibilities from the automotive supply industry; iron, steel and non-ferrous metal industry; electrical industry, construction industry, trade, technical specialist retail trade; skilled trades and chemical industry. wire also happens to be a global event with exhibitors coming all the way from Italy, Belgium, India, China, France, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland and Mexico.

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