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Turkey, Istanbul
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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of WorldFood Istanbul has been officially postponed for November by the organisers due to coronavirus.

Achieve new heights for your company in the food and beverages sector with a trip to the celebrated WorldFood Istanbul , which as the name suggests takes places in Turkey. The international exhibition will focus on the trends in food processing as presented by over 360 exhibitors. Attendance is expected to exceed 17,000 trade visitors, so you better get started on your hotel hunt. For great deals on accommodation, please turn to GETA ltd.

It’s our mission to organize business trips for clients, no matter their size or financial ability is, because we believe in the importance of visiting trade fairs. GETA ltd gets you a hotel booking for WorldFood Istanbul that matches your need in location, public transport connections and price range. This allows you to be more effective at the exhibition, where you’ll encounter large buyer delegations, experts, suppliers and consumers. It’s the perfect stage to grow your reach and brand recognition. Broken into thematic zones, you’ll see the entire spectrum of the food industry presented in great detail with a strong presence from international exhibitors.

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