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A Brief Overview of XYLEXPO

Wood processing professionals gather at XYLEXPO to network and stay on top of best practices and innovations. Learn about the technological breakthroughs in wood processing technologies and furniture components in a dynamic format full of networking. The international trade fair takes off in Milan, Italy and delivers an exciting product assortment and support programme over the course of five days. XYLEXPO has clearly proven itself as a superior procurement platform and a source of inspiration. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

XYLEXPO is all about pushing the envelope and celebrating innovations. That’s why it’s the most effective stage to launch new products and debut new solutions. The crowd that attends wants to keep an eye on emerging market trends and research new suppliers.

As a result, the trade fair attracts senior buyers with real decision-making power. That’s more than enough reason to attend. Here are the key numbers from the previous edition in 2018:

  • 425 exhibitors in total
  • 34,785 sq. metres of exhibition space
  • 17,000+ trade visitors in total

Industry Relevance 

XYLEXPO, founded in 1968, is a highly regarded international fair for the wood processing and furniture component industry. Taking place every two years at Fiera Milano, XYLEXPO serves as a crucial gathering point for manufacturers and visitors from all around Europe. Editions span across five days, offering professionals from across the globe the opportunity to explore and experience the latest technologies, materials, equipment and components used in furniture manufacturing. 

Exhibitors showcase cutting-edge advancements that shape the industry, providing firsthand access to the latest trends and innovations. The fair facilitates the renewal of existing relationships while also fostering the establishment of new connections, allowing businesses to expand their networks and stay competitive on an international level. Here’s a full list of product categories on display: 

  • Machines and technical equipment for surface finishing of wood and wood based materials
  • Machines and technical equipment for assembly, packaging
  • Machines and technical equipment for primary processing (production of semi-finished products)
  • Machines and technical equipment for secondary processing of wood and wood based materials (laminating, machining, gluing)
  • Machines, technical equipment and services for forestry
  • Robots technology applied to wood and wood based products
  • Materials handling, warehousing and commissioning technology of wood and wood based products
  • Auxiliary machines, equipment and devices; other
  • Machines and plants for special processes of wood and wood based materials
  • Portable machines for processing of timber, plastics, composites and other materials
  • Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of tools for wood and wood based materials
  • Products for the equipment of machines for wood and wood based materials
  • Tools and auxiliaries for working wood and wood based materials
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention and air-conditioning
  • Use of residual wood (dust, chips, firewood, bark), generation of energy and heating using wood fuels
  • Electronic data acquisition and data processing equipment; measuring, testing and control systems for wood industry
  • Materials, elements, products and accessories for the wood and furniture industry
  • Delivery of complete plants, financing and leasing companies
  • Independent services for the wood industries
  • Independent computer software (CAD, ERP, production planning and control, etc.)

Prompted by the pandemic, XYLEXPO has entered a new phase of development by incorporating a digital edition into its regular physical format. This move has expanded the reach of the fair to a truly global audience, enabling broader participation and engagement. The 2022 edition marked the first time that the biennial exhibition of wood and furniture technology was held concurrently with the digital communication show, which only strengthened the appeal and effectiveness of both as business platforms.

XYLEXPO continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the wood processing industry. By embracing digital elements and synergistic collaborations, the fair remains at the forefront of showcasing the latest developments in the sector and serving as a crucial platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and navigate the global competition in the field of wood processing.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The exhibition not only attracts businesses and industry professionals working in wood processing, but the many others that work with wood such as designers, product developers, architects and engineering firms, making it a comprehensive meeting place for various stakeholders in the field.

Trade visitors occupy high-ranking positions in their respective organisations, who have decision-making powers when it comes to procurement. This guarantees a high volume of qualified sales leads as visitors are motivated to discover new products, source new suppliers and stay competitive overall. 

The exhibition floor features names such as Lesta, Maggi Technology, Pizzi by PGS, IMA Schelling Italia, Omga-Dierregi, Delta Chiodatrici, SCM Group Woodworking Division and Volpato. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Awards are what many eagerly await as the cherry on top of a very satisfying event. In just four editions, the awards have become the most anticipated high point of the entire trade fair. The awards ceremony, which is held on Saturday, celebrates the innovative achievements within the sector. This prestigious recognition has become a tradition at XYLEXPO, highlighting groundbreaking advancements and honouring excellence in various categories.

The awards are divided into five distinct categories: solid wood, panels, finishing, digitalization, and sustainability. The esteemed jury dedicated intensive effort and meticulous evaluation to carefully assess all the entries, ultimately selecting the winners of the Xylexpo ‘Oscar.’ The iconic trophy, affectionately referred to as the "dwarf," was originally designed by Elio Fiorucci for Riva 1920 in 2014 when the award was first introduced.

The XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Awards serve as a platform for acknowledging the remarkable contributions made by companies within the wood and furniture industry. By recognizing advancements in various categories, the awards inspire further innovation, encourage healthy competition and amplify the visibility of the cutting-edge technologies and practices that shape the future of the industry.

Past editions


21.05.2024 - 24.05.2024





of exhibitors were from abroad

25 000

m2 of event space

11 000+



of visitors were from abroad