Gut Brockhof

Brockhof 1, Erwitte, Germany
Total area:
357 ha
About The Venue

Gut Brockhof is a both a farm as well as an agricultural training company. It is situated in Erwitte, Germany. The homestead consists of the main house, a biogas plant, 90 000 places for broiler production, a vacuum digestate evaporation system as well as several hectares of forestry and arable land. The farm is owned by Carolin Möller while its manager is Holger Tägder and his family.  The farm is a favoured location and company for the training of agricultural workers and the hosting of noteworthy events. For instance, Gut Brockhof is the location where the DLG-Feldtage Trade Fair is held.

The homestead is one of Erwitte’s highest rated venues and provides ample space for parking on site. Gut Brockhof is not far from Paderborn Lippstadt Airport with the most recommendable means of transport being the automobile. Lippstadt furthermore includes the option of reaching the city via train and from the city reach the farmstead through different means including on foot. Both the cities of Erwitte and Lippstadt offer a wide range of hotels including budget-friendly ones.

How to get to Gut Brockhof
On foot

Paderborn Lippstadt Airport – Not advisable

Bahnhaltepunkt Lippstadt-Nord – not advisable

By Car

Paderborn Lippstadt Airport – Via A44, 22 mins

Bahnhaltepunkt Lippstadt-Nord – Via Stirper Strasse, 15 mins

By public transport

Paderborn Lippstadt Airport - Not advisable

Bahnhaltepunkt Lippstadt-Nord – Not advisable

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