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A Brief Overview of A + A

A + A has made a mark for itself in the safety and security sector. The international fair trade has a tight grip on the full spectrum of products and solutions for risk management, fire protection and defense on the work place, and every two years, a new edition brings in high quality exhibitors from all over the world.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

A + A has much to offer to any visitor – be they a company interested in growing their client list or a company looking to buy protective gear:

  • 67,000+ specialist visitors from 134 countries have walked the halls.
  • 1,942 exhibitors from 63 countries have reserved booths at the exhibition centre.
  • 70,643 square metres net exhibition space were dedicated.
  • 86% decision-makers from industry, commerce, services, the trades, safety, health came.
  • A series of informative and practice-oriented events filled out the support program.

Industry Relevance

As the statistics above have illustrated, A + A has the capacity to unite usually isolated and small local markets and create a valuable network that erases borders and allows for the free flow of not only information, but products as well. The trade fair values networking as the key foundation for its longevity as visitors access the entire production chain – raw materials, components, technology for manufacturing and the finished projects. Editions are held on a two-year basis and at the heart of each are three main themes – security at work, safety at work and health at work.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

A + A has one of the most dedicated audiences in attendance. Given how demanding the standards have become for safety equipment and work clothing, the trade fair has attracted the attention of a wide range of manufacturers within the full value chain. Among its highest profile visitors are 3M, BORNACK, Honeywell, Uvex and the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance.

Visitors themselves come for varied backgrounds and you can meet up with safety engineers, experts, officers, planners and builders as you would occupational health physicians, company doctors, researchers and rescue services. You might think A + A is a serious event only, but there’s also the fun A+A Fashion Shows!

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