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It’s time to unveil the latest designs, innovations and breakthroughs in the air-conditioning, heating and refrigerating sectors at AHR Expo – the premier international trade fair for these industries. Orlando, USA will serve as host and over 2000 exhibitors from all over the world will showcase their products. In terms of attendance, organizers predict more than 60,000 industry insiders to make the trip. If you’re attending, but don’t have your hotel accommodation sorted out, count on GETA ltd to handle your travel arrangements.

Don’t waste days in trying to locate the right hotel booking for AHR Expo. We do that in a single day. All we need from you is a budget and the size of your group. GETA ltd takes the charge in comparing room rates and choosing the most optimal location. It’s worth it as AHR Expo gives you an in-depth look into current trends in every product category – AC, heating and refrigeration systems; building automation, energy and facility management products; software and many others. It’s a powerful platform that brings you new clients and allows you to break into new markets.

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