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Asia proves to be a booming market for the building industry with bauma CHINA set to almost 3000 exhibitors from close to 40 countries in Shanghai, China, to showcase the latest trends and models of construction machinery, materials, vehicles and equipment. Come in November for a full glimpse of the Asian sector with more than 180,000 visitors. Guarantee yourself affordable accommodation early on with the help of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd specializes in finding the best hotel deal for travelling professionals to book. Just specify your price range and preference in terms of location and GETA ltd provides you a list of potential hotels that are affordable and are a short distance away from bauma CHINA, so you don’t need to waste time commuting and are better focused to participate in all the events. Bauma CHINA has a packed program that facilitates partnerships, closing deals and fostering international work relations. Grow your network, attend the many product presentations and demonstrations.

Bauma CHINA helps you build a strong future for your business and GETA ltd makes sure you have a stable foundation by planning your business trip.

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