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The trade fair emphasizes on the latest research in the cosmetics industry, offering the newest products, announcing the newest trends in the skin care, wellness and spa sectors and unveiling the technological breakthrough moments in the research and manufacturing chain links. Over 1250 exhibitors present to an even larger audience, so ensure you have dealt with booking your hotel accommodation early with GETA ltd by your side.

GETA ltd secures the most attractive offer that not only matches your needs, but exceeds your expectations. You book a room that is light on your budget and saves you time commuting as it sits close to the BEAUTY DUSSELDORF exhibition centre. This makes sure you get more opportunities to close in better deals, grow your business circles and browse through the product presentations. BEAUTY DUSSELDORF is the perfect venue to raise your company profile and find business partners for future projects.

Realize your biggest business ambitions at BEAUTY DUSSELDORF with GETA ltd in charge of your travel arrangements.

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