Italy, Parma
2 years
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Not many events can come close to CIBUS TEC and its role for the food processing and packaging industry in Europe. The international exhibition has developed a large following in recent years and this edition will bring in thousands to Italy – both as exhibitors and visitors. You’ll see every food group represented from produce to meat and seafood. Avoid the rush for accommodation and call GETA ltd to organize your business trip for you!

CIBUS TEC has been going for 70 years and as such has a strong reputation, standards and visions. As a visitor, you see only high quality products and ingredients in the dairy, fruit, meat, bakery, confectionary and liquid foods sectors. This is then complimented by the latest technological achievements and products in packaging and logistics. It’s a chance for you to get established, so you need a hotel booking for CIBUS TEC that gives you a fighting chance. GETA ltd works with you to book a hotel room that makes sense for your budget and positions you close to the event and near colleagues, peers and experts. All done in just one business day!

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