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Didacta takes a long, hard look at education, training and career planning across all levels from nursery training to university orientation and as an international trade fair has had a lot of influence worldwide. We’re talking more than 82,000 visitors. It’s best you start planning your hotel stay as early as possible. When in doubt, turn to GETA ltd for your online hotel reservations.

GETA ltd presents you with an easy way to make your hotel booking for Didacta – a service that tailors to your budget and needs. We work with client both small and large and have hotels of every price point in our database. You receive a quick response, professional courtesy and offers that keep your travel financially feasible. The event attracts a large and diverse crowd ranging from educators, nursery directors and nursery operators, and head teachers to trainees, instructors and teachers at universities, colleges and polytechnics. In this environment, it’s easy to network and raise your profile as well as keep your fingers on the pulse of trends and practices in education.

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