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A Brief Overview of DSEI

The international defence and security sectors congregate in London, UK to oversee new policies as well as buy the latest products and technical innovations. DSEI, as an international exhibition, is quite comprehensive in its product representation, covering the finer aspects of military tech and safety technology. Not only that but you get to interact with government officials at all levels.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

DSEI has established a strong reputation within military and defence circles. The fact it’s held in London is another point adding to its respectability and it shows. Here are some of the statistics in terms of attendance:

  • 1600 international exhibitors to showcase and demonstrate equipment and tech;
  • 35,000 international visitors from all levels in the industry set to arrive;
  • 300 world class speakers will prepare to give talks;
  • 40 international pavilions to experience.

Industry Relevance

Compared to other exhibitions regardless of industry, DSEI is a young one. Having been first held in 1999, the exhibition has entered its second decade, but that doesn’t mean it’s underdeveloped. The exhibition space is dedicated to over 60 product categories that run the entire spectrum from what’s expected (weapons, tactical equipment and ammunitions) to auxiliary needs (emergency equipment, first aid equipment, infrared systems and radar equipment). Occurring once every two years, the exhibition keeps in step with new frontiers on which war is being fought – electronic warfare, telecommunication systems and high-tech surveillance. This is reflected in programming as one of the must-see features is the CYBER HUB dedicated to the growing cyber security industry.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

It’s important to know how DSEI functions. As seen above, there’s a lot of interest from people in the proceedings and to manage the flow of people the exhibition is sectioned off into the following themed zones – Aerospace, Naval, Land, Security and Joint Zones. This gives you an inkling as to who you’re going to meet. First guess would be military personnel, national delegations and other government officials. However, border control, organized crime, trafficking and terrorism are also the subjects of an ever-growing private sector, which is why among the visitors there are going to be influencers, decision makers, military buyers and a whole line-up of VIP guests from public and private sectors that are going to collectively influence the whole industry.

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