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The lighting industry is one to change rapidly from year to year, which is why you’ve to make the trip to Milan, Italy and participate during EUROLUCE. The international exhibition gives in-depth information regarding the state of the market, serves as a great platform to give new lighting systems their debut and showcases the latest technological innovations from over 485 exhibitors and counting. If you don’t have a hotel for the six days, then look no further than GETA ltd.

We’ll find you just the place! Thousands are preparing their bags to attend. This places you in a fierce competition to book a hotel for EUROLUCE at lower rates and favorable location in the city. Avoid the stress and pressure with our flexible service. GETA ltd works in partnership with you to discover all the hotels near the exhibition centre that cut down on your expenses. Expect results in a single day! Focus, instead, on EUROLUCE and its vast product representation from outdoor and indoor lighting to light sources, special-purpose lighting and industrial lighting. Increase your chances of success at EUROLUCE with accommodation from GETA ltd.

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