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Event Update

Eurosatory 2024 is set to take place between June 17th – June 21st in Paris, France. Plans are put in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone that will attend at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. At present, the venue does not feature Covid-19 safety measures due to the improving pandemic situation. Likewise, the country at present does not have travel limitations in place.  

A Brief Overview of Eurosatory 

The entirety of the military, defence and security sectors come together at Eurosatory to discuss the latest political and technological landscape. It’s a top-rated exhibition for land and air-land defence with an impressive product portfolio and support programme. It’s an impressive affair that sees the full process chain from equipment and technologies to full on vehicles. Contractors favour this event for the unprecedented access to military markets around the world. You can’t go wrong with Eurosatory as an exhibitor! 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Eurosatory operates on a whole different level compared to other exhibitions. It’s one of the most respected and visited events for the military and security sectors. The calibre of officials and other trade visitors make exhibiting here a great investment in the long run. Plus, it helps that the event is held only once every two years. The first edition post pandemic registered a lot of interest and kept its attendance close to pre-pandemic numbers: 

  • 1743 international exhibitors from 62 countries;
  • 62,000+ international trade visitors from 150 countries;
  • 39 national pavilions;
  • 250 Official Delegations from 96 countries;
  • 560 international journalists;
  • 300+ VIP Experts;
  • 110 conferences 

Industry Relevance 

The numbers above should be reason enough to consider Eurosatory as an institution, but we will also look at the exhibition historically. Founded in 1967, the exhibition has had over sixty years to refine its formula. Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center serves as the host and the event rolls out regularly on a biannual basis. The exhibition easily reflects major changes in the political and military state of affairs. In 2022, Eurosatory was inaugurated by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron. This is the first time a president opened an edition of the exhibition in its history, which reflects the growing importance of Eurosatory. 

Over the years the product lineup has only grown richer so today visitors can survey the latest advancements in land vehicles, helicopters, homeland security, civil security and emergency response, airland systems, anti IED, CBRNe, weapons, peacekeeping means and many more. Displays are far from static. The exhibition is known for its live demonstrations to show you how technology performs in action! There are both indoor and outdoor demonstrations. The outdoor demonstrations take place across 20,000 sq. metres suitable for large equipment, vehicles and systems. Visitors can see best thanks to live images on large screens. 

Eurosatory carried a lot more importance given the ongoing war in Ukraine. As a result, this was the first edition to see companies involved in humanitarian, industrial and/or environmental crises. The spectrum showcased at the “HELPED - Humanitary Emergency Logistic Projet and Eco Development” area spanned all relevant fields. Such an area is even more necessary considering the increase in natural disasters caused by climate change. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Eurosatory has a brand that’s tightly associated with European markets and nearly half of all exhibitors come from France, which is not surprising given Paris is the host city. Other countries to follow lead are other members of the European union. In terms of professional breakdown, it’s a lot trickier, because there are the developers, researchers and manufacturers on the technical side of the exhibition. One also needs to remember there are 71 conferences taking place, which call for experts and specialists. The live demonstrations feature a variety of security forces like RAID, GIGN, Prefecture of Police (with the BRI and the BSPP), Special Forces and the Army. 

Eurosatory increases its level of internationality every single edition. Currently, 62% of exhibitors are foreign nationals, and the level of internationality rises with visitors and official delegations. In comparison to 2018, the rate of internationality has increased by + 8.7% and + 10% respectively. This goes to show that you have an even better chance to grow your professional network in the future and come out stronger as a company in the long run. You’re tapping into the entirety of the European market and enjoy solid connections to Asia, South and North America, and the MENASA region.  

Additional Value of Attendance 

You never miss any of the information events thanks to EUROSATORY TV. This network of 20 screens covers the entire show floor - halls, entrance ways and areas of maximum dwell time and footfall. You’re sure to digital content and news about the exhibition. At the same time, you can showcase your own company by being able to purchase airtime packages. This way you’re sure to reach the maximum audience possible. You’ll be able to hear audio on your own mobile devices by scanning a QR code. 

There are many support events and special areas that you don’t want to miss. One of the most popular with visitors is the Eurosatory Lab, which is where innovation comes to thrive. This area houses over 80 French and international start-ups to showcase the most advanced technologies and solutions. Visitors can also participate in online voting to determine the top startup of the day. The stage at the Lab is dedicated to keynote speeches as well as pitches from the companies. 

Or perhaps you want to hear from the top experts. The Eurosatory General Conferences invite all kinds of operational staff, manufacturers, media, experts, personalities and major decision-makers to take a look at what’s new, what’s currently in development and important policies. The list of conferences is extensive.

Past editions

Eurosatory 2022

13.06.2022 - 17.06.2022


1 700+



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of exhibitors were from abroad

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How to get to Eurosatory

On Foot

On Foot

it is not recommended to walk to the exhibition centre from the Orly Airport, nor from Gare du Nord


By Car

approximately 1h 15 min with a car from Orly Airport

from Gare du Nord 33 min (20.5km)


By Public Transport

from Orly Airport: get the airport train to Antony Station and from then RER B trainf for 18 stops to Gare du Parc des Expositions (+ 11extra minutes walk to the fairgrounds) ~ 1h 15min

from Gare du Nord take RER B  for 9 stops (25 min) to Gare du Parc des Expositions and then you have extra 10 min walk = total 35 min