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Come and celebrate languages and cultures at EXPOLINGUA in Berlin, Germany. This international fair focuses on presenting the latest innovations and trends in language education around the world. Hundreds of language learning schools, tutors and institutes exhibit the best new thing for two days. If you’re among the over 10,000 visitors, including education experts, students, teachers, translators and professors, set to arrive, then sort your accommodation with the assistance of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd secures you a hotel room that saves money on your travel expenses, positions you close to the exhibition centre and also provides you with easy links to the local transportation system. This ensures you’re the first one to arrive and have the best networking chances to meet with the leading companies in the field, exchange experience and even book from the diverse number of courses and language study trips.

EXPOLINGUA remains the perfect platform to expand your business, so make the most out of the event and book your hotel room through GETA ltd.

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