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Graphispag focuses on the opportunities and technological advancements within the graphic arts sector ranging from paper and printing to packaging and textiles. You have a rich variety of exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services to a captivated audience that numbers in the thousands. All this is happening in Barcelona, Spain. There’s little time until the event, so be sure to sort out your travel arrangements as soon as today with GETA ltd by your side.

GETA ltd helps you prepare for the international exhibition to maximize on the benefits of the programming. In choosing your hotel booking for graphispag, we take into account your budget, preferences and location into consideration. We present you deals firmly within your price range and work to position you as close to the action as possible. Keep your daily commute short and potential clients close. Graphispag organizes discussions to help the exchange of ideas and arriving at new business models. It’s the perfect platform to build a reputation within your field.

Enjoy a business successful trip to graphispag with the flexible services of GETA.

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