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Event Update

hanseBau will take place in 2025 between 17.01.2025 and 19.01.2025 as a live exhibition. The event will be held at Messe Bremen. The exhibition centre will not feature strict COVID-19 prevention measures. This is due to the lifting of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.

A Brief Overview of hanseBAU 

hanseBAU informs visitors about the latest in construction materials, machinery and trends in an inclusive and dynamic format, which has won the heart of Lower Saxony. The construction community comes together in Bremen, Germany, to showcase the latest innovations and discuss the practical implications of new technologies and processes in building a house. This event pulls in all the major regional exhibitors and a healthy audience of private visitors, which gives you the perfect opportunity to grow your client database. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

In a brief period of time, hanseBAU has established itself as a benchmark event. As a result, it’s the primary meeting point for the entire industry and a successful sourcing platform. Meet with prospective buyers and pitch your product to great success. The trade fair pays for itself and you are quickly able to earn back all exhibition expenses. Some manage to do it on the very first day. It’s not a trade fair you want to miss. The numbers speak for themselves: 

  • 350 exhibitors
  • 15,000+ visitors in total
  • 107 specialist lectures and construction demonstrations 

Industry Relevance 

The hanseBAU fair, held annually in Bremen, holds a prominent position as one of the first construction fairs of the year in northwestern Germany. Since its founding in 2010, it has become a significant event for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the construction and furnishing sectors. Held at the Messe Bremen, hanseBAU provides a comprehensive platform for visitors to engage with experts and plan their future homes, tailored to their individual needs. 

One of the key highlights of hanseBAU is its extensive representation of all relevant trades related to construction. Whether visitors are planning a new house, contemplating a renovation, furnishing their home, or modernizing their bathroom, they can find a diverse array of exhibitors and solutions to meet their requirements. 

The exhibition floor covers six intuitive product sectors, presenting a wide range of offerings. Visitors can explore areas such as Heating with Wood, Tiny Living, Garden, Living Design, Meeting Place Bremen modernization, and Heating technology and future. The fair's rich product portfolio ensures that all aspects of construction and furnishing are covered, catering to various interests and needs. 

Beyond the exhibition, hanseBAU offers an education-packed experience through its extensive lecture program. Participants have the opportunity to attend educational sessions and workshops that share valuable knowledge and insights related to the construction industry. Whether they are industry newcomers or seasoned professionals, the fair's diverse trade fair schedule serves both emerging and established businesses. 

HanseBAU's significance is undisputed. All you have to do is look at the high-quality trade visitors it attracts and its role as the definitive construction and furnishing fair in Lower Saxony. With its focus on hands-on skills building, construction techniques, renovation approaches and furnishing strategies, hanseBAU ensures that attendees receive excellent return on investment and leave with enriched expertise. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The trade fair is oriented towards the general public, namely property owners, who want to either build or renovate their homes. This means you’re in direct communication with your core audience and able to grow your profile in the region. At 51%, Lower Saxony makes up the majority of all visitors at the fair, quickly followed by Bremen with 47%. This means that hanseBAU is more or less oriented towards this particular region, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get most out of your attendance. 

Roughly 25% of visitors made a purchase during the trade fair (primarily making smaller purchases of up to 100 Euros) and 46% shared their intention to follow up on exhibitors and place orders after the show has ended (most spending up to 10,000 Euros). The average age of visitors is estimated to be 44 years with the group with biggest representation being aged 51 to 60 years. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The Action Day Training at hanseBAU offers a unique opportunity for students graduating next year and uncertain about their post-graduation plans. This special event goes beyond the presentation of products and services by exhibitors. It serves as a platform for various establishments to showcase their training offers and apprenticeship positions. 

For students seeking prospects on their future career paths, the Action Day Training provides an informative setting. At the entrance and information desk, comprehensive overviews of all available training positions are available, making it easy for attendees to explore potential opportunities. Furthermore, exhibitor booths are marked to indicate participating companies offering training positions. It is a golden opportunity for those interested in securing apprenticeships and kickstarting their professional journey. 

With a significant presence of 27 establishments offering 47 vacancies, students have a wide range of options to consider. Trainees and trainers from these companies will be present at specially marked stands, ready to address all questions related to training programs, available positions and the application process. Their firsthand insights and experiences provide valuable guidance for young aspirants, helping them make informed decisions about their future. 

Moreover, the Action Day Training doesn't end on Friday. Over the weekend, interested parties can arrange interviews directly on-site with participating companies on Saturday and Sunday. This added convenience facilitates the process of exploring potential training opportunities and enables students to take proactive steps towards securing apprenticeships that align with their interests and career aspirations.

Past editions

hanseBAU 2024

19.01.2024 - 21.01.2024




21 000

m2 of event space

1 000+


15 200+




Cancelled because of COVID-19.


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Total Visitors


SQ M of Exhibition Area


Total Exhibitors


Total Visitors


SQ M of Exhibition Area

How to get to hanseBAU

On Foot

On Foot

Bremen Airport – not advisable

Bremen Central Station – 10 mins via Klangbogen


By Car

Bremen Airport – 10 minutes via B6

Bremen Central Station – 2 mins via Findorffstraße and Theodor-Heuss-Allee


By Public Transport

Bremen Airport – 36 mins via transport 6

Bremen Central Station – 5 mins via transport 26 or 27