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A Brief Overview of HOST Milano

When it comes to hospitality exhibitions, Host Milano trumps them all. It’s the must-see event on the calendar and with thousands confirmed to attend, you can see why. Staged in Milano, Italy, for five days, the exhibition showcases the best equipment and supplies for hotels and food service around the world. You enjoy the company of hotel managers, owners and experts who have come to close deals and their budgets are quite generous.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

HOST Milano is all about the numbers and how they translate into successful business decisions and outcomes. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the future of hospitality and is also a major hub for cross-borders transactions. To that end, it enjoys one excellent turnout every single year. Just look at last edition’s numbers:

  • 2100+ international exhibitors from 65 countries;
  • 187,000+ international trade visitors from 177 countries;
  • 131,000+ square metres of exhibition space;
  • 500+ various professional events and culinary happenings.

Industry Relevance

Let’s look at the history of Host Milano to chart its current role in the industry. There’s the fact that the exhibition takes place in Milan, which is one of the cities known for its glamorous hotels and excellent food. Another key factor is the foundation with the very first edition taking place in 1966 – meaning there have been many decades at work to cement the event’s legacy and popularity in professional circles. Host Milano showcases innovations and creative solutions at every link in the supply chain. The product range covers everything from restaurant equipment and food processing machinery to interior fittings, catering and vending machines. What adds that additional flavor is the series of events – seminars, workshops, show cooking stages.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Host Milano is at heart an Italian affair and this is reflected in who visits. Out of all the visitors, only 38.8% made their way from outside Italy and roughly the same ratio is seen with exhibitors as well. Exhibitors are suppliers of machines, equipment, furniture, and semi-finished products for the Ho.Re.Ca. industry. The situation changes when we look at the professional backgrounds of the visitors. You have the opportunity to meet face to face with distributors, dealers, exhibitors, importers, all manner of food establishments, MMD, shopping centres, convenience store, bars, ice-cream makers, confectionaries, architects, designers, delicatessen shops, technicians, hotels and the cruise industry among so many others. Of course, celebrated chefs will also make their presence known as they come to enter competitions and championships!

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