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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of INDEX DESIGN SERIES has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

INDEX DESIGN SERIES maintains high standards and exquisite tastes alive and prosperous in the furniture and interior decoration industry with over 700 international exhibitors setting up booths in Dubai. Join the over 28,000 visitors set to flood the city for the four-day extravaganza of excitement, collections and fortuitous business dealing. Registrants can see the entire industry represented from stylish artisan creations to eco solutions and technology for the home and office. GETA ltd can secure you online hotel reservations in a flash!

All you need to do is ask. Avoid the hassle of having to organize your own business trip this close to INDEX DESIGN SERIES, when you should be preparing your plan for the international exhibition. You have the perfect opportunity to do market research and get a sense of where tastes are headed for all product categories including accessories, art décor, tableware, textiles and designer appliances among many others. Generate sales leads, build name recognition and court new clients! Get INDEX DUBAI hotels right now at preferential rates from GETA ltd. We’ve worked in Dubai for years and know exactly where to look to get you the hottest discounts and deals!

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