Internationale Kulturborse Freiburg

Germany, Freiburg
1 year
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Internationale Kulturborse Freiburg introduces you to culture and arts in their incredible diversity. Held in Freiburg, Germany, this trade fair lasts for four days in total with hundreds of artists and creators gathering to show their craft in an unforgettable celebration of life. Expect thousands to make their way to the trade fair, so be prepared with your travel arrangements as early as possible with GETA ltd in charge of your accommodation.

GETA ltd understand what event goers need in terms of accommodation – affordable rates, a favorable location that allows for a short commute and excellent connection with the public transport system there. Internationale Kulturborse Freiburg prepares a program with over 180 live shows with musicians from different genres and exhibitions from artists. From theatre, varieté, gala, cabaret and comedy, jazz, world music pop and rock to dance and performances, business-theatre and street theatre, there’s always something for everyone.

Make sure your business trip runs smoothly and enjoy your stay with a great hotel room from GETA ltd.

Past editions

Internationale Kulturborse Freiburg 2021

18.01.2021 - 20.01.2021

Internationale Kulturborse Freiburg

Cancelled because of COVID-19.

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