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Netherlands , Amsterdam

1 year

Want to learn what’s the happening in the world of maritime machinery? Every yacht builder and naval architect will come to METSTRADE – a major international trade show for several sectors and industries. The event is being staged in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and will last for three days. You need accommodation before anyone of the over 1400 exhibitors and even more attendees gets all the good deals. Lucky for you, GETA ltd knows which are the best METSTRADE hotels to book.

Spare yourself the time and effort hunting down hotel rooms on your own and leave all the research to GETA ltd. We work with a large database of hotels in Amsterdam and locate the most fitting choices based on your price range, taste in accommodation and choice of location. You get the METSTRADE hotel reservations that make it possible for you to come into the spotlight during the event. METSTRADE has prepared a varied program that focuses on new products, informative seminars and networking opportunities that lead to lucrative deals.

What makes a business trip successful is the accommodation and GETA ltd books you the best.


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