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ORNARIS brings you in a world of beauty where design and functionality intersect with high aesthetic. Held in Zurich, Switzerland, for three days where over 420 exhibitors meet to showcase the newest innovations and trends in the arts, gifts, beauty and wellness sectors. It’s expected for over 11,000 visitors to stop by, so make sure your travel arrangements are in order with GETA ltd.

GETA ltd makes sure you receive accommodation that remains within your price range at all times and positions you closely to the event, so you don’t have to waste time on commuting. This gives you many advantages when it comes to claiming the best products for yourself. If you plan to make multiple purchase, a strategic location is valuable and GETA ltd can give you that edge. This way you can easily meet your needs at the ORNARIS exhibits, which feature everything from consumer technology and interior decoration to arts, cosmetics, jewellery, spa products, gardening and home accessories.

ORNARIS is your one stop to change the look of your home and GETA ltd is here to take charge of your online booking.

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