Pferd Bodensee

Germany, Friedrichshafen
2 years
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Pferd Bodensee is the premier event for professional equestrians to come celebrate their love for this majestic creature and present the latest trends in equestrian sports and horse breeding. The trade fair comes to Friedrichshafen, Germany, with over 22,000 international trade visitors expected to attend. This results in an expected shortage of suitable hotel accommodation, so make a reservation at the earliest possible with GETA ltd in charge of your business trip.

GETA ltd has experience in working with professionals on the road and boasts a database of all suitable hotel options that service your purpose. You get a room at affordable rates that are light on your budget located in close proximity to the Pferd Bodensee fair grounds for maximum enjoyment and getting most of the business opportunities. Pferd Bodensee has prepared a dynamic support program with emphasis on horse-stance, feeding, health and training with accompanying shows, forums, breeding market and competitions to delight all attending.

Race your way to the top during your stay at Pferd Bodensee with the help of GETA ltd.

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