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Prolight + Sound

Germany , Frankfurt

1 year
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Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound brings you the latest developments in the entertainment sector with close to 1000 exhibitors showcasing their technological innovations in stage effects, sound and lightning. You don’t want to race against over 43,000 industry insiders expected to attend, so leave your hotel accommodation to GETA ltd – we know all about affordable rooms. Focus on your goals for Prolight + Sound and leave your travel arrangements to the experts.

We have been working in the business travel circuits for years and have the large database of establishments to prove it. You can book a hotel for Prolight + Sound in just one day of research and you get a room close to the event’s grounds and well linked to the city’s public transport. This way, you’re always well rested, on time and make the best possible first impression every day. Prolight + Sound is an important platform for launching careers and positioning yourself on international markets. Take no chances with your preparations and start from the accommodation.

GETA ltd has your back.


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