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Event Update

Salon du Cheval 2024 will be a live trade show hosted between 09.11.2024 and 11.11.2024. The event will be hosted in France's Parc des Expositions d’Angers.

A Brief Overview of Salon du Cheval d'Angers

Salon du Cheval d'Angers introduces trade visitors to the undying love for horses and equestrian sport in France. The international trade fair gathers horse breeders, trainers and companies to meet in person, exchange information and celebrate the best equestrian culture has to offer. You’ll see the very best of products and the very finest breeds of horses and ponies on show. It’s the perfect platform to position your products for an enthusiastic audience with the right budget. 

It’s time to think about accommodation for Salon du Cheval d'Angers. The earlier you start looking for rooms the easier it is to find the perfect deal for your budget. GETA ltd knows all the terrific places in Angers and provides accommodation at every price point. Whether you want to keep all costs to a minimum or wish to spend a little extra, our team has you covered. We’re also used to working with large groups. In the end, you stay in a hotel close to Parc des Expositions d’Angers. You have access to public transport and cut your daily commute to a few minutes. GETA ltd is here to build your exhibition stand, plan an airport transfer and book rent-a-cars. 

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

You would be missing out on valuable connections, if you don’t attend Salon du Cheval d'Angers. The equestrian fair makes for a terrific platform to reach out the maximum interested buyers and make a name for yourself on the French market. Editions are always well attended and it’s in no small part due to the popularity of the Parc des Expositions d’Angers:

  • 23,500 international visitors made the trip
  • 217 exhibitors showcased their products
  • 9700 mares bred per year
  • 13% of the regional agricultural payroll
  • 2400 races per year
  • 50 racetracks
  • 6500 horses in training
  • 570 equestrian establishments belonging to the ffe

Industry Relevance 

Salon du Cheval d'Angers arrives towards the end of the year at the Parc des Expositions d’Angers in Angers, France. It’s one of the main equestrian events on the territory of France and an excellent source for new products. Since doors are open for everyone, you have quite a lot to do. There will be thrilling action events, product stands, delicious food and informative events that take place during the trade fair. 

The product portfolio extends to all related groups – food & care, equestrian equipment, jewellery & art, gifts & decoration, horse and rider equipment, equipment for equestrian structure, breeders & breeders associations, training & horse trades, specialised literature, horse shows, equestrian tourism, services related to equestrian activity, leisure riding & leisure wear. It’s all a person could want or need, which makes Salon du Cheval d'Angers a one-stop purchasing platform of the highest quality. 

Who Are You Going to Meet 

You’ll have a chance to speak with a variety of visitors. On the professional spectrum, you meet with breeders, practitioners, professional riders and trainers. On the other side, you have beginner riders and enthusiasts, who want to immerse themselves into the magic of equestrian sports. The event is also quite popular with families on vacation thanks to the exciting programme and great food. Geographically, Salon du Cheval d'Angers pulls in the majority of its visitors from Angers and the rest of France. In recent years, the trade fair has become a great meeting place for breeders and professionals from all over Europe. 

You can expect established French brands to showcase their products like CONCEPTPGO, MFR de L'Hippodrome, Mondial du Lion, Naturas Cheval and Bioret Cheval. 

Additional Value of Attending 

It’s not an equestrian event without the rhythm of the races. In 2022, Salon du Cheval d'Angers delivered races unlike any other within a dedicated centre. The hippodrome setting and atmosphere were one of a kind and gave visitors what they always want – adrenaline, excitement and perfect riding skills. It’s a delicious treat for every equestrian fan. You’ll see demonstrations from the PMU, the Fédération Nationale des Courses Hippiques (FNCH), AFASEC and the Passerelle association. 

Aside from the thrills of races and competitions, the trade fair keeps visitors informed on all things horses. The WE HORSE GREEN is an incredible feature that runs exciting TV programming over the course of all three days. You’ll find promotions, discussions and lectures. There are three main themes covered – equipment, responsible fashion and committed services. It’s an important tool to promote eco-friendly practices and ideas to a wider audience. 

Visitors also get the chance to look at what’s happening backstage of the show every evening at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. You’ll have a chance to watch the “Do It Yourself” workshops that are held at the trade fair. If you want to participate in the workshops yourself, registration will be done directly on site at the WE HORSE GREEN area. It’s the best way to learn all aspects of taking care of a horse, knowledge of equipment and the equestrian lifestyle in general. 

Salon du Cheval d'Angers expands and evolves every single edition. In 2022, organisers introduced the Saddlery area to great success. This is a space meant for leaving behind grooming and stable equipment, rider and horse equipment that you no longer use so that others can find what they need and exchange them for second-hand items that you need. This way visitors don’t spend money on new gear and don’t contribute to pollution. Of course, it’s important to note that only items that are in good, usable conditions will be accepted.

The Outlook for 2023

Organisers are already hard at work to make Salon du Cheval d'Angers 2023 unforgettable. There are plans to host new activities including a fantastic evening show called “Equestrian Stars 2023.” Of course, there’s going to be a strong nod to the Wild West with exciting tricks and fashion. Early reception has been great so far and organisers are expecting an increase in numbers compared to the 2022 edition. Soon Salon du Cheval d'Angers will reach the heights of the pre-pandemic times.

Past editions

Salon du Cheval 2023

10.11.2023 - 12.11.2023

Salon du Cheval





23 500



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How to get to Salon du Cheval

On Foot

On Foot

it is not recommended to walk to the exhibition centre from the Orly Airport, nor from Gare du Nord


By Car

approximately 1h 15 min with a car from Orly Airport

from Gare du Nord 33 min (20.5km)


By Public Transport

from Orly Airport: get the airport train to Antony Station and from then RER B trainf for 18 stops to Gare du Parc des Expositions (+ 11extra minutes walk to the fairgrounds) ~ 1h 15min

from Gare du Nord take RER B  for 9 stops (25 min) to Gare du Parc des Expositions and then you have extra 10 min walk = total 35 min